May is National Pet Month

May 11, 2023

To celebrate National Pet Month, we asked some of our team members to share their pets from both past and present. Those of us who have pets know that they are a part of our families and bring so much light and happiness to our days.

We love to hear about our client's beloved pets!

Christopher Ruspi's pet Molly is a 10-year-old mixed-breed rescue. Her favorite activity is eating.

Christine Sullivan's dog, Caine, passed away last August at almost 11 years old. but still lives on in her family's memories.

He was a rescue dog, and they had five great years with him after being rescued.

Glenn Karney's family dog was a very much loved member of their family. Yoshi was a 120 pound Akita. Yoshi's type of breed was known for hunting small bears and wild boars in Japan and protecting the Samurai. 

Karen also wanted to share her granddaughter's dog, Billie. He is a Catahoula leopard mix and a really sweet dog!